Gyan International School

Norms of Discipline

- Students are strict to be regular, obedience, courtesy in their speech and conduct, cleanliness of dress.

- No student will be allowed in the school premises without the prescribed uniform.

- Everybody must care to be taken of all the school properties , and no student shall scratch or spoil desks or chair or damage any school furniture.

- No book other than school texts, newspaper or periodical can be brought to the school without the Principal’s permission.

- In order to acquire a good command over English language which is the medium of instruction for all subjects, children should speak only in English in the school premises.

- All students must possess a copy of the school diary which is to be brought on all working days.

- Late-comers and absentees from school will not be admitted to class without the Principal’s permission.

- Students are not allowed to leave the school premises without permission.